Awesome The Pure House Boutique Hotel By Yueji Architectural Design Office

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The building has been blended in the site with humbleness. Close to Cangshan and overlooking Erhai, combined with the nature harmoniously. The building is located on the slope of the foot of Cangshan. The mountain is covered by luxuriant greenery, which spreads all the way up, goes through the clouds and mists in the mountains, eventually combines with the snow and clouds on the peak.

Stay in the building and look up toward Cangshan, you will feel “lofty”, green peak floating in the clouds and mists. The mountain is towering like in the painting Landscape Travelers Among Mountains and Streams; Across the cascading mountain and farmland to watch¬†Dali¬†City in a distance, you will feel “profound and lasting”. The houses are built vertically and horizontally like in the painting Dwelling in the Qingbian Mountains. Stand on the terrace of the roof and overlook the lake, you will feel “peaceful and lasting”, the water is clear, the boat is floating, the peaceful and spacious scene is like in the painting Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains. Pure House creates a unique spatial experience based on a series of narrative spaces integrating with narrative sites.

Source: archdaily

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