25 Awesome Modern Living Rooms with Wood Walls

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Wood is just one of the most effective materials to utilize for home decor due to the fact that it’s timeless, comfortable, chic and includes rate of interest to any space. We proceed looking at the most effective spaces with wooden walls, and this summary is dedicated to living areas.

When it comes to living spaces, a wood wall is that one that captures your eye when you are available in, or it may be a fire place wall. The wood and its look depends on you: whitewashed wood can be a fit for a Scandinavian or airy shabby chic space. A dark wood wall can be made use of in a moody space or make a bold declaration in a neutral or tinted modern space. The wood can be streamlined or recovered and weathered to include a comfy textural feel to the space.

Light-Colored Wood Walls

Grey and whitewashed wood walls are outstanding for numerous types of insides: Scandinavian, shabby chic, modern and several various other ones. To make your light wood wall more eye-catchy, you could go with weather-beaten wood, which displays remarkable structure. One more intriguing idea is shaking an image art work exactly on the wood.

Natural-Colored Wood Walls

Wood in its natural spots is an outstanding selection– its grain and natural shades will make any space comfier and even more welcoming. It can be saturated colored wood, which will attract attention with its heat. Weathered and aged wood looks incredible, it’s excellent for shabby and rustic chic interiors, and reclaimed wood can be made use of for such walls. Another suggestion making your wall look more attractive is to utilize wood planks, which will certainly provide the space a modern yet textural feel.

Dark Wood Walls

If you are developing a moody space or simply desire a dark accent in your space, a dark or black wood slab wall is a best way to do that. Place a dark fire place on this wall and emphasize it with dark marble or stone– and a stunning accent is done! One more concept is cladding wood slabs in various patterns, for example, chevron or diagonal, to earn the space extra fascinating.

The wood and its appearance is up to you: whitewashed wood could be a fit for a Scandinavian or ventilated shabby chic space. To make your light wood wall extra eye-catchy, you could go for weathered wood, which reveals off impressive structure. Weathered and aged wood looks fantastic, it’s excellent for rustic and shabby chic insides, and redeemed wood could be made use of for such walls.

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