25 Adorable Italian Shower Design & The advantages

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The Italian shower has a multitude of advantages. Whether it is standard model or XXL model, it is a shower of quality, modern and accessible by all. But should we really opt for a shower such as this one? The Italian shower continues to interest the French. Why does it cause such success? Because it is a design shower that can blend into the decor, which is easy to access and adapts to any space, small or large. It’s a real trend, so let’s see together what is an Italian type shower , its features, its benefits but also how to make the right choice.

What is an Italian shower ?

When talking about a walk-in shower, we refer singularly to a shower of several decades. At that time, there were showers in Roman baths during ancient Rome. The Italian model is a shower with multiple advantages whose main characteristic is its Mediterranean side, coming from its origins.

It presents many peculiarities aiming to present it completely differently from other kinds of showers. The public targeted by this shower is very wide since it concerns seniors to people with disabilities, as well as frail people and children. This shower has emerged over time and is now part of the current trend.

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